Toddler & Preschool GYMNASTICS Classes

Equipment especially designed and sized for little ones is used in a structured, but fun class. Gymnastics is the perfect first step for any small child to develop physical, cognitive and social skills. The classes are co-ed and separated by age to allow appropriate development and skill diversification. All lessons are progressive in development and focus on jumping, balancing, fine and gross motor skill development, spatial awareness, hand/eye and hand/foot coordination as well as inverted support. Many kindergarten-readiness skills are also incorporated, such as learning letters, numbers, colors, and promoting social development. The lessons are designed and implemented by the same coaches who teach the classes, allowing them to be a perfect fit for each child.

Mommy’s Dreamers

(Parent and toddler class, walking up to 3 years old)

45 minute class

Little Dreamers

(co-ed 3-4 years old)

45 minute class

Big Dreamers

(co-ed 4-5 years old)

45 minute class

Kinder Dreamers

(co-ed, 5-6 years old)

60 minute class


Gymnastics classes are offered for novice, progressive and advanced levels. Gymnasts are tested on skills to determine his/her appropriate level. All Olympic events are represented in class each week (vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor). The development of flexibility, strength and general coordination are implemented as well as the growth of self-confidence. Children are skill tested in a very low-key, no pressure format every 12 weeks to assure progress and to evaluate staff performance.

Dreamers I

(girls, 6-8 years old)

60 minute class

Dreamers II

(girls, 8-10 years old)

75 minute class

Dreamers III

(girls, 10 years & older)

90 minute class


Acro gymnastics is a great fit for enhancing competitive dance routines by combining them with different acro elements. Acro class focuses mainly on learning safe progressions for all types of cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, aerials and more.

Trampoline and Tumbling Classes

Classes are structured to teach proper trampoline and tumbling techniques in a safe and fun environment. T&T is comprised of 3 events: Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling.

Spartan Warriors Class

The Spartan boys' class features workouts that help with getting into shape and training for the physical and mental demands of a Spartan Race. Spartan workouts are designed to improve overall athletic performance: strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. In order to gain muscle strength - weightlifting and other resistance-based workouts are utilized. To improve speed - workouts featuring explosive exercises, sprinting and reaction drills are used to work on agility and quickness. To increase endurance and stamina, conditioning workouts that help burn fat and lose unhealthy weight are introduced. Lastly, to reduce risk of injury, increase joint range of motion, and improve overall mobility, Dreams Spartan athletes learn flexibility workouts that feature both dynamic and static stretching.


(boys, 7 years & older)

60 minute class

Adult Gymnastics Class

For those who have a never ending love for gymnastics, a class is offered to relearn old skills, learn new skills and maintain flexibility and strength.

Opportunity to Dream Program

Once per month, Dreams Gymnastics Center is happy to offer the gift of gymnastics in a one-hour class to children in the Toano area who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be introduced to the sport. For more information, please contact Coach Galina.