Our Commitment:

Dreams Gymnastics Center guarantees a clean, smoke/alcohol/drug free environment, and a fully equipped, state-of-the-art gymnastics facility. Every gymnast, both recreational and competitive, is trained to reach his or her full potential in the sport of gymnastics. Coaches at Dreams have access to continual training with some of the area’s top professionals so that gymnasts Dreams are able to be provided with up-to-date techniques on the safest and newest equipment.

Annual Membership:

Dreams Gymnastics Center has open enrollment, which offers the ability to join and withdraw at any time. There is an annual membership fee of $60 per gymnast or $80 per family which covers administrative costs and secondary insurance for the year. Annual Membership is non-refundable, non-transferable. Dreams would like to thank our military families by offering an annual membership discount of $40 per gymnast or $50 per family.

Year-Round Program:

Dreams Gymnastics Center is a year-round program with a monthly tuition based on an average of four weeks per month. (If there are five weeks in a month, tuition is not increased. If there are three weeks in a month, credit is not given.)


Dreams Gymnastics Center must have a parent/guardian signed Waiver & Release of Liability Form for every child who enters the training area. Waivers will be updated annually.


A Medical History Form must be filled out and saved on file at Dreams Gymnastics Center for every child who participates at Dreams Gymnastics Center.


An active credit or debit card is required on file to register for Dreams Gymnastics Center’s recreational program and competitive program. Credit/debit card numbers are kept safely locked in the Dreams administrative office and only the owners have access to the information. Monthly tuition can be paid by credit/debit card, cash or check. Dreams offers a convenient auto-pay system which enables families to pay by the credit/debit card on file every month. For your convenience, Dreams will bill your credit/debit card on the 25th of each month for the proceeding month’s tuition, thereby ensuring your child’s continued class/team status. Enrollment is ongoing once enrolled. To withdrawal from the any Dreams program, you must provide a 30 day written notice by e-mail to info@dreamsgymnasticscenter.com. If you choose not to utilize Dreams’ auto-pay system, cash or a check is due on the 25th of each month. If cash or check is not received by the 25th of each month, your credit/debit card on file will be charged. If the credit/debit card you have on file does not process and you have not paid with cash/check by the 1st of the month, you will also be charged a $50 late fee. Dreams Gymnastics Center reserves the right to unenroll children that have delinquent accounts.

Payment Policies

Recreational, Pre-School, and Team/PreTeam Tuition is billed on a monthly basis with an average of 4 weeks per month.

Enrollment either in person, over the phone, or via email shows commitment to enrollment and will require full payment of tuition and fees. Changing classes (day, time or class) is permitted at any time but dependent upon class availability.

Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

A valid credit or debit card is required for registration and will be charged on the 25th of each month. If cash or check is not received by the 25th of each month, your credit/debit card on file will be charged. If the credit/debit card you have on file does not process and you have not paid with cash/check by the 1st of the month, you will also be charged a $50 late fee.

Enrollment is ongoing once enrolled. To withdrawal from the any Dreams program, you must provide a 30 day written notice by e-mail to info@dreamsgymnasticscenter.com.

Dreams Gymnastics Center reserves the right to children that have delinquent accounts.


Dreams does not offer credits or refunds once payment has been made, except for long-term injuries/illnesses verified by a doctor.

Family Discounts:

Dreams offers a 10% discount on multiple classes for one child and/or for multiple gymnasts from one family. These discounts cannot be combined. Dreams also offers a discount on the annual membership fee for all military families. Please refer back to "Annual Membership" for details.

Trial Class:

If you would like to try a class, please come in person and fill out the required paperwork. You may try a class with no obligation. Registration fee is required to hold that day and time class spot for your child. If you like the class, you have to register following the trial and pay for the month. If you do not like the class, no payment will be required.

Class Placement:

Dreams Gymnastics Center is committed to offer what is best for each child in order for him/her to grow and feel successful! Safety is our first priority, so coaches will assess the best class level to match your child's ability and age. The recommendation will provide a safe learning environment as well as an appropriate amount of challenge for your gymnast. Each class level has a set list of skills that must be mastered before a coach recommends him/her to advance to the next level. If your child is especially eager to advance, you have the option to enroll in more than one class per week. Also, coaches offer private lessons to help gymnasts perfect a certain skill that might be preventing placement in a more advanced class.


Students more than 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule class.

Dreams Gymnastics Center is not responsible for children prior to or after class time. Students should be picked up promptly at the end of class.

Sick children should not attend class. Participants must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to participation.

Registration, Enrollment, and Withdraw from Classes

Students may enroll at any time but is subject to class availability.

Tuition is billed on a monthly basis and is based off an average of 4 classes at month.

Tuition is pro-rated for athletes that enroll in the middle of a month.

Enrollment is ongoing once enrolled. To withdrawal from the any Dreams program, you must provide a 30 day written notice by e-mail to info@dreamsgymnasticscenter.com

Athletes must withdraw from class by the 15th of the preceding month if they are not going to continue in their current class time for the upcoming month. If withdraw is not made by the 15th then tuition will be billed and classes missed classes may be made up.


When a student misses a class, he or she is eligible to do one make-up class per month during Open Gym time which is offered every Friday night during the school year. For the safety of all participants, make-ups cannot be offered during regular classes. Please note, you may not drop in on another class, as it is disruptive to the coach and the gymnasts.


Dreams offers a 10% credit toward the following month’s tuition for all referrals that register for team or recreational classes.


Dreams Gymnastics Center mainly COMMUNICATES THROUGH EMAIL. The newsletter’s purpose is to keep everyone (coaches, gymnasts, and parents) posted on what is happening at the gym and about upcoming competitions and events.

Evaluations and Moving Up

Students are evaluated on a quarterly basis. Students that are recommended to move up to the next skill level can do so immediately. If there are no suitable class options available, athletes will remain in their current class and be placed on a waiting list until a spot in the desired class becomes available.

Dress Code:


A leotard or unitard, no skirts attached, allow for the best instruction possible. If a leotard is not available, a form-fitting t-shirt and shorts/leggings will work. No jewelry allowed (stud earrings are permitted), and any removable dental appliance should be taken out. Hair should be tied back in a secure ponytail, braids or bun prior to every class.


Shorts and a t-shirt/tank top allow for the best instruction possible. Clothes should be free of zippers and multiple buttons and should be tight-fitting. Baggy clothes will get in the way and prevent coaches from being able to adequately spot skills. Long hair must be tied back.

Note: Gymnasts are not permitted to wear jeans, skirts, dresses, or pants with zippers, buttons, or snaps. All students must have bare feet. Gymnastics shoes are optional. No street shoes are allowed on the gym floor. All street clothes and belongings should be left in the cubbies provided at the entrance to the gym. Valuables should be left at home. Dreams is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Write your child's name in every article of clothing!

Holiday Closings:

There are no make-ups for holidays. There will be a holiday break during winter, December 24th - January 1st, and Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween evening and Thanksgiving. Please check the Dreams calendar. There are no make-ups for holidays that Dreams Gymnastics Center is open for such as Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day and President’s Day.

Inclement Weather:

Please check the Dreams’ Facebook page to check for cancellations. Dreams does not follow school closings. Make-ups for inclement weather closings will be given at Dreams’ discretion. In the event of inclement weather on a weekend, closures will be at Dreams’ discretion. During the summertime, make-ups are unlimited due to Open Gym not being offered as a make-up opportunity. Families will be notified via email and Facebook of all gym closures.

Spectator Policy:

Due to insurance restrictions, no one is allowed in the training area before class without an instructor. Siblings and friends that are not enrolled in class must remain outside the training area and must be supervised by an adult. When class is over, gymnasts must leave the training area. The instructor will need to start the next class and cannot be held responsible to supervise. For the safety of those in class, spectators are asked to please keep the noise level as low as possible. There is also no photography or videotaping allowed unless it is of your own child AND approved by the coach/instructor.

Food and Drinks:

For safety gum chewing is prohibited in the training area.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up:

In order to ensure your child is warmed up properly, please arrive on time to your scheduled recreation class. Recreation gymnasts should not arrive more than 10 minutes before class and must be supervised until class begins. The extra time allows your child to change clothes if necessary, settle in and get comfortable. Anticipate lots of other children, lots of noise, and lots of parents; it takes several minutes for a youngster to absorb it all! Children who are younger than five years of age must have a parent on site/in the lobby at all times. Classes start on time because the instructor needs all the time available to complete lesson plans. Dreams Gymnastics Center takes every precaution to ensure the safety of your child. Therefore, we ask parents to be as diligent as possible to ensure children are picked up on time. We understand there are times that circumstances beyond control will cause you to run a few minutes late. Accordingly, Dreams will extend the courtesy of supervising your child behind the front desk for an extra five minutes after his/her activity is finished. Parents of team gymnasts are allowed 15 minutes at drop-off and 15 minutes at pick-up for viewing.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Parents are not allowed in the gym unless involved in a parent and toddler class or at the direction of the coaching staff.

Smoking is prohibited both inside and outside the facilities at Dreams Gymnastics Center.

Flash photography while athletes are in motion is prohibited.


Good behavior must be used at all times. Gymnasts displaying disorderly conduct before or during class will be asked to sit out of the class. In the extreme case that a preschool child is shy or frightened, please communicate with his/her coach to find a solution.

Allergies and Medical conditions:

Dreams Gymnastics Center happily accepts any child regardless of allergies or medical conditions. We ask that if your child has any sort of special needs, you let the front desk know. There is a separate form for you to fill out explaining how to handle your child's medical conditions or allergies. You MUST let us know so the instructor knows of the potential issue. If your child is sick/injured and cannot participate in his/her gymnastics classes, Parents' Night Out, birthday parties or camps, please alert the front desk and provide a note from the doctor stating the sickness/ injury, date of sickness or injury and the doctor's signature. At that time, your child will be dropped from his/her registered activity and you will be issued a credit or refund (your choice) from the date you present Dreams with the doctor's note. Alternatively, if you wish to have your child continue in his/her current gymnastics class, he/she will remain enrolled (so the slot can be held) but credits or refunds will not be given for missed classes.

Open Wound Policy:

  • All cuts and abrasions must be covered with a band-aid and athletic tape.
  • The instructor must be notified prior to class of the wound.
  • If a child has a wound that may reopen with activity, please keep the child home until healed.

U.S. Center for SafeSport:

Dreams Gymnastics Center strictly abides by all policies and procedures set forth by the Center for SafeSport which can be found at www.safesport.org. All individuals, regardless of membership in USA Gymnastics, are encouraged to report suspected violations of the Center’s SafeSport Code. They can be reported directly to USA Gymnastics by email to safesport@usagym.org or by phone at (720)524-5640. All Members of USA Gymnastics are required to report suspected SafeSport Code violations related to or accompanying sexual misconduct.